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Les Orres resort is extremely committed to building a mountain for the 21st century, and has successfully demonstrated that a Smart Mountain is a mountain that combines technology and new experiences. New projects are being developed with the aim of further enhancing the resort’s natural areas and heritage as well introducing new mountain leisure and sporting experiences.

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Winter sports Skiing, slopes and multi-activities

  • Before the 1970s, the village was only mentioned in the context of the traditional downhill skiing on offer at La Portette. Today, Les Orres, ski area consists of 35 slopes, around one hundred kilometres of runs for downhill skiing and all kinds of services from equipment rental to pampering treatments etc. You’re guaranteed to have fun. Every day, our team of enthusiastic snow makers, snow groomers, patrollers and first aiders  deliver a safe, high quality environment, much to the delight of riders and skiers of all levels. Thanks to its two approved slopes (Le Stade and La Pousterle), Les Orres resort is also able to host high level competitions on a regular basis: French Downhill Skiing Championships (February 1980), 1st Men’s Downhill European Cup (January 1994) more recently, the Men’s Downhill European Cup in January 2010 as well as the WOMEN’S International Ski Federation’s Downhill Skiing race in January 2019.

    For the more adventurous: for several years now the resort has also played host to the Red Bull Tout Schuss event. Who will be the first down the slope?

  • Les Orres is a paradise when it comes to fun, winter sports and for some years now has also enjoyed a reputation amongst freestylers. Below Prélongis chairlift, a snowpark with two progressively difficult lines has been designed by the resort and local riders, providing a fun, enjoyable experience suitable for all levels! A boardercross course in the Galopins zone, where novices can safely master variations in terrain, completes this area.

Les débutants
accueillis en vip à 1800

  • Un nouveau front de neige à 1800 depuis décembre 2021 ! Consacré aux novices et aux activités hors-ski, il offre 1 espace dédié à la luge sur  neige  et  deux  zones  propices  à  l’apprentissage du ski. Quant au télésiège de Préclaux et au téléski de Bois Méan, ils laissent désormais la place à deux tapis roulants couverts de 55 et 200 mètres. Gratuit, le premier tapis Bois Méan dessert la piste de luge sur neige et l’espace première glisse. Plus besoin de forfait pour accompagner les bouts de chou aux jardins des écoles de ski ou faire leurs  premières  glissades  !  En  partie  recouvert  de panneaux solaires, le plus grand tapis Préclaux dessert quant à lui l’espace débutant ainsi que la piste verte des Marmottes qui permet de glisser jusqu’aux Orres 1650. Une aire de jeux pour les tout-petits complète l’offre.

    Pour l'été 2022 : une zone VTT kid's et une piste verte desservie par le tapis Préclaux renforceront l'offre VTT sur le secteur de 1800.

In addition to winter sports 

Les Orres resort and its partners also offer a number of other non-ski and après-ski activities. Explore the magical mountain landscapes with our snowshoe trails or contact our guides to find out about more active adventures. Try your hand at dog sledding with family or friends, enjoy a thrilling new experience aboard a snakegliss or try out a snowmobile or an airboard.
For all sports enthusiasts, irrespective of level and all mountain lovers, both adults and children alike, Les Orres resort is THE place to go

for a 100% successful winter holiday!
The mountain in summer : you have to see it to believe it!

During the summer season, Les Orres resort is transformed into an exceptional Bike Park. The No. 1 bike park in the Southern Alps and ranked No. 3 in France, it accommodates downhill and enduro MTB enthusiasts, irrespective of level. The Bike Park starts at an altitude of 1,600 m, rising to 2,600 m and is represented by its ambassador, Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON, who holds multiple MTB world championship titles and is also the 1st female Olympic champion in the history of BMX.

Having hosted the French Enduro Series for 5 years and the European Enduro Series in 2018, the resort of LES ORRES was again chosen to host the 5th round of the 2019 Enduro World Series which took place on the 6th and 7th July 2019. The EWS brought together more than 400 international riders, from 43 different countries, more than 4,000 French, international, local and regional visitors and more than 150 members of staff.

DH (or Downhill mountain biking) is also the focus of competitions. The resort has already hosted a round of the French Cup, held in 2009 and the route used for the occasion was later developed to create the iconic Coupe de France run, a black, highly technical trail. A round of the 2020 Cup will once again be held in Les Orres, in a Bike Park enriched by previous experiences and constant investments aimed at improving the riding experience and the safety of all users. Next step: to host a DH World Cup in the next few years!


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  • For families seeking relaxation and new experiences, Les Orres resort and its partners have designed a range of activities and introduced the « Passp’Orres » : a non-transferablemulti-activity pass which gives access to several activities for 6 consecutive days (you decide on the 1st day), including unlimited access to certain activities (ice rink, swimming pool, cinema and pedestrian chairlifts, amongst others). When you buy the “+” version, you will receive substantial discounts, ranging from 5 to nearly 20% off activities of your choosing from the twenty or so offered by our partners!

    Also check out the hosts and entertainers who run our fun Olympiads, mini-competitions and blind tests, and try to win some Haribo sweets

  • All you walking enthusiasts will be delighted that you’ve chosen Les Orres for your summer holidays. Around twelve hiking trails await you in the resort, and many others in the wider Les Orres region. For the more inquiring, our themed trails  are a fun way to explore the mountain environment while the more active amongst you, may want to try out the Traversée du Boussolenc and the Traversée de l’Aupillon hikes !

  • Do you enjoy running? You can go running in the mountains on one of our 4 Mountain Trails. Challenge: go the extra mile and try trail running in the snow by taking part in the annual Les Orres Winter Trail!

    Since 1998, visitors have also been able to try out our two Via Ferrata routes, designed to suit all levels of climbers. What are you waiting for? Slip on your helmets and harnesses and explore our cliffs with their wonderful view of the Mazelière! If it’s your first time, consider contacting one of our state-certified guides for help.

  • After all these activities, don’t forget to breath and relax! Les Orres resort is committed to preserving nature and your well-being. What better way of recharging your batteries than enjoying the fresh air, a bit of sunshine and some relaxing activities in both summer and winter ?

Digital technology for an improved visitor experience



  • At the end of your Orrian express toboggan ride or at the top of the Pic Vert chair lift, you can pick up a photo to keep as a souvenir of your exceptional holidays! Thanks to the Memories tool, on the Les Orres app, you can also create a video of your holidays in Les Orres.
    At Les Orres, you will soon be able to capture your performances on the slopes, both in the ski area and the bike park with several specially locatedphotos spots, designed to take photos and time check your descents On your marks...Get set...Go!
    Our USP? We are on all the biggest social media networks so tag us : @lesorres / #lesorres !

  • Just because you're tucked away at the foot of the Parpaillon massif, it doesn’t mean that you are cut off from the world! Since 2007, visitors to Les Orres have been able to enjoy free WiFi. Our new 4G antenna, will soon help to reduce some of the “not spots” in local hamlets and other surrounding areas.
    Make your life easier and download your essential holiday guide: the Les Orres App! It has been available on iPhone and Android since 2011 and has become a genuine, practical, on-line guide. Find all the information you need about the resort including essential services, shops and events.

  • When you are in the resort: keep up to date with live information without having to remove your gloves to tap on your smartphone. Check out the day’s events, entertainment and practical information about Les Orres on the 3 dynamic display panels located at each level of the resort. Before you set off skiing , don’t forget to get an update on snow conditions, weather and the ski area by checking the screens at the ski lifts  and central ticket offices!

  • In Les Orres, customer satisfaction is our priority: take part in our on-line customer satisfaction survey. To help us provide holidays that meet all your expectations, we welcome all feedback, both positive and/or constructive!