Team Ambassad'Orres

Charles Canonne, Gaël Gougne, Franck Chauvet and Valentin Meffre make up our Ambassad'Orres Team 2018. And we would also like to welcome Anne-Caroline Chausson, who will be our Official Ambassador for 3 years


  • What are Ambassad'Orres?

The Ambassad’Orres programme is a workforce of riders from different backgrounds and categories, who have been chosen for their riding quality and their knowledge of the resort, in order to promote it. You might have already bumped into them on our slopes, in which case, you would recognise them thanks to their Bike Park-coloured outfits.


  • Who are they?




Favourite slope? : “It depends on the day and my mood. I like the natural itineraries like “Magic Woods” or the more typical “Coupe de France” downhill courses.

Why did you choose Les Orres Bike Park?  “For the diversity of its resort! Whilst it is more typical of pure downhill or enduro mountain biking, it is accessible to all. There is something for everyone, regardless of their level, which is not the case in all Bike Parks. You can even come as a family...”

Best memories? : “The atmosphere. The general enthusiasm and dynamism that mountain biking in Les Orres generates”






Favourite slope? : “Cool rider”, this slope is quick, natural and technical. I'll never get bored of it!”

Why did you choose Les Orres Bike Park?  “The bike park is cool. The slopes are varied and adapted to all levels of riding, there is a good descent, from fun slopes to technical slopes. And the setting is beautiful...”

Best memories? : “I started when I was 14 with the HTT school is Les Orres. I have loads of good memories, but the best are photo shoots with the whole team”



Prize list - Best memories

  • Junior Vice Champion of France Les Gets
  • Champion of Provence 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • 13th in the Championnat de France DH Oz in Oisans
  • 2nd in the junior IXS European Cup Châtel
  • 2nd at DH Roubion
  • 2nd at DH Villard de Lans 





Favourite slope? : “Cool rider”

Why did you choose Les Orres Bike Park? “I began downhill mountain biking at 33 years old, and this is where I started. It’s the best Bike Park near the South of France.
The diversity of the slopes and levels"

Best memories? “Times spent with my Ambassad’Orres mates... unforgettable!”




Prize list - Best memories

  • 3rd in the Masters World Championships Hafjell Norway 2014
  • 1st in the Champion de France Master 2011
  • 3rd in the Championnat de France Praloup 2010
  • 6th in the Championnat d'Europe Praloup 2010
  • 2nd in the Général de la Coupe de France 2013
  • 1st Winner at the Maxima Pro Bike Shop 2013 and 2014
  • 1st Winner at the DH de Roubion 2013 and 2014
  • 1st Winner at the DH de Blausasc 2013 and 2014



The most recent rider to join the Ambassad'Orres team










You have already met Valentin in Les Orres Bike Park as a Bike Patroller.

He ensures the safety and maintenance of the slopes.