A committed resort

Designed in the 1960s as a pedestrian resort, Les Orres boasts environmental protection as part of its DNA. Since its creation, the resort is characterized by its constant quest for solutions to reconcile development, client satisfaction and respect for the environment.. For example:

20% savings in electricity consumptionLes Orres Gestion de l'énergie

Specific sensors enable the resort to record the energy costs of local amenities such as lifts, artificial snow production and recreational facilities, in the aim to improve the management of energy consumption. In December 2016, Les Orres was awarded the "Sustainable Summits" trophy, the only resort in the entire PACA region to receive a reward.

Head in the stars!

The Haute-Alpes region is renowned for its dry, sunny climate and limited light pollution. The responsible management of public lighting since 2009 has made the resort a privileged observation spot, labelled "Starry Village" in 2014.

A breath of fresh air!

According to a survey by Air Paca in 2012, at the request of the town council, the quality of the air is excellent in Les Orres.

Pesticides prohibited!

Since 2009, the resort has adopted an no pesticide programme on all its green areas and slopes.

Cable broadband coming soon to Les Orres!

The resort was chosen by the union PACA THD to become a pilot ski resort for cable broadband. Enjoy live transmission at all times with connectivity multiplied by 10 both in resort and on the slopes.

Renovation of recreational real estate

Les Orres have been designated by the inter-ministerial commission AIDER as a pilot resort in alpine regions. The aim: to design and implement different actions to incite the renovation and rehabilitation of recreational real estate and the integration of new energy standards.

ISO9001 certification

SEMLORE obtained the extension of the ISO9001 certification (called "quality") to the whole of its activities: ski area, Mountain Bike Park, tourist office, and leasure facilities.


Development in new technologies


Just because we're hidden away in the mountains doesn't mean we're cut off from the world! The resort has developed several technological tools to improve its services to holidaymakers.

  • New free mobile app is available on App Store and Google Play. It contains all the information you need about shops, activities, accommodation, events and other practical information, with GPS coordinates, but that's not all ! You can also time your ski routes, track the routes of the free shuttle buses, look at the webcams and the live weather information, check on the opening times of the slopes and ski lifts

  • Free Wi-Fi : to date over 126 terminals have been installed throughout Les Orres.
  • Variable message signs : the resort has installed variable message signs at the main ski lifts, showing you the waiting times at the other lifts ! They are also used to provide information about skiing conditions and motorway traffic conditions on departure and arrival days, so that you can plan your journey !

 Le wifi gratuit aux Orres  Panneau à message variable