La Trace : Head to the peaks!

Equipped with ski skins, we set off along the brand-new ski-touring track, up to the Pic Vert chairlift at the peak. A 700 m uphill climb awaits for this wild and preserved trail, suitable for beginners, taking ski-tourers into a very different, subdued environment. A getaway far from the crowded ski area, through the woods and across wide-open spaces, where only the soft sound of the skis on the snow and the furtive steps of a chamois break the silence.

Two ‘escape routes’ offer superb views over the Grand Clos high-altitude reservoir to see the mirror-effect on the water, and further in the distance, Serre-Ponçon lake. Experienced ski-tourers will enjoy the last, rather steep section, before arriving at an altitude of 2,230 m and the breath-taking view over the Parpaillon and Ecrins mountains.

Bandeau ski de rando - grand clos

Departure Les Orres 1550
Champ Lacas

  • Distance : 4.8 km
  • Height difference: 700 m D+

Park at the Champ-Lacas car park and then put on your skis at the start of the Charance snowshoe trail.

Continue up through glades and forests, along the Charance snowshoe trail and then turn off towards the Grand Clos reservoir. Pay attention to all signs as there are numerous paths in this area!


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Departure Les Orres 1650
Centre resort

  • Distance : 4.2 km
  • Height difference : 600 m D+

From Les Pitchounets (allée des chamois) nursery, take the slope "liaison Réséda" (30m), the access is in the wood on the right. Cut across the Liaison Réséda and then the Clos de Guis ski slopes. Carry on the woods, cut cross Orivette and continue up towards Grand-Clos high-altitude lake.


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First exit
Ski down Silène green runs (Les Orres 1650) and then Edelweiss (Les Orres 1550).

From Grand-Clos to Myrtilles exit: bypass the reservoir and carry on From le Clotet continue through the undergrowth towards Myrtilles ski slope

Second exit
Via the Liaison Myrtilles-Edelweiss then the Edelweiss green run.

From Myrtilles exit to the top of the Pic Vert chairlift: the route gets steeper, with an average gradient of 20% and lots of kick-turns through the forest. After a final flat section, along Myrtilles slope, you will spot Pic Vert chair lift, your final destination. It took ski tourers coming down from here, 4:10 minutes to reach to this point. What about you?




LA TRACE is accessible: From the start of the season until the February school holidays, from 09:00 to 16:30 / From the February school holidays until the end of the season, from 09:00 to 17:00.

You must not ski along the trail or on the ski slopes when the ski lifts are closed, when safety and maintenance operations are being carried out in the resort, and when the “closed” sign prohibits access.

Ski de rando - retour

before your start


  1. The trail is marked but is neither groomed nor secured, and, when ascending, is only accessible to ski-tourers and split-boarders.
  2. You follow this trail at your own risk. Observe all by-laws and safety information.
  3. If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend that you go with a professional guide or instructor.
  4. Before you leave, find out about the weather and snow conditions (including avalanche risk).
  5. You must take your safety equipment with you: Avalanche receiver (DVA)-shovel-probe, first aid kit etc.
  6. Pay attention to the signage and markings along the trail.
  7. Take care when climbing and when you cross the ski-slopes: you do not have priority. You are not allowed to climb back up the ski slopes (unless La Trace signs indicate otherwise)
  8. The section of La Trace beyond Myrtilles viewing point, is only suitable for experienced ski-tourers.
  9. To descend, ski back down the slopes that match your ability level.
  10. The trail will take you through unspoilt, natural landscapes so be sure to protect the mountain flora and fauna by limiting noise and taking your rubbish with you. Do not venture off the trail.
  11. You must not take the trail if you are not insured for downhill skiing and ski touring.



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