Mountain biking - Bike park

Les Orres resort is well-known for its Bike Park, which can be enjoyed by experienced mountain bikers and beginners. Mountain bikers can train on the best Bike Park in the Alps and families can enjoy wonderful rides through the woods!

With 2 detachable chair lifts, the site is perfec for mountain biking, ranging from 1,600m to 2,600m in altitude and with very diverse features to delight all types of mountain bikers. The highly technical area at the top of the mountains will appeal to experienced descenders, while in the lower areas, beginners and children can make use of the specialist equipment to try out their first descents.

We have 14 downhill routes divided into 4 levels of ability (from green to black) with 1 North Shore black route with various wooden sections, and 2 Enduro trails

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